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In 1964 Prof. Dr. Gustav Lienert and a group of psychologists developed the measurement procedure Jobfidence® on behalf of the Ministry of the Interior in Düssedorf (Germany). Since then the procedure has been advanced continuously.


Jobfidence® proves itself annually in 30.000 cases just in the German-speaking area and is available in 15 different languages.

Jobfidence® is unique as it combines the measurement of intelligence-based and behavior-based key qualifications that have been proven to be essential for professional achievements. Other measurement procedures normally focus on partial aspects of these key qualifications.

Jobfidence® allows the client to see beyond the obvious of a candidate’s profile. In no more than a few hours you know if the candidate fits your requirements and the job profile.

We use Jobfidence® in a lot of different situations – for successful results in recruiting, effective personnel development and organizational development.


We can apply Jobfidence® either as an individual or as a group test for your evaluation of potentials. As our client you will get a detailed feedback and an expert‘s report right after the assessment. It will include elaborate information about the qualification and the development potential of the candidate(s) as well as practical advice for leadership.

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