Rhetoric / appearance/ presentation

In early childhood humans learned how to speak … and are still able to communicate with others.


Normally, there is no problem with communication as long as being in a well-known and familiar environment and speaking with intimate people.


But in situations where you have to speak publicly in front of unfamiliar people or perfect strangers, all kind of problems can arise. "Speaking in public" does not even mean delivering an important speech in front of a big crowd of strangers.


But as a managing director, a branch officer or a departmental manager, you have to stand in front of a sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller audience almost every day. For example when you


  • introduce your company or your service.
  • announce changes or the current company state to your employees.
  • present yourself, your company and your products to a potential customer.


Additionally, in your role as a leader you should always want/have to be representative and socialize in a certain way even in private.


As an active member of an association or a club, when appearing at a celebration of the fire brigade or at a parent-teacher conference – these are all examples for situations where you can benefit from a confident and professional air not only as a person but also as a representative of your company.


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