Potential for Savings

In order to find potential factors for savings and economization in a company it is necessary to systematically analyze all existing expenses. Our in-house developed purchasing scan is able to create a high degree of transparency of your company's expenses as well as to find possibilities for an optimazation and a reduction of costs. You will be able to transfer and implement changes based on the findings of the purchasing scan immediately (Quick Wins). Additionally you can conduct a long-term cost reduction which will help your company to stay competitive in the future.


The structured procedure includes


  1. Analysis of creditors and suppliers
  2. Evaluation of contracts, invoices, processes and employees
  3. Determination of potential factors
  4. Implementation of optimizations and cost reduction by coaching (for example approach and negotiation techniques) and tools (for example check-lists, analysis)
  5. Auditing and completion by presenting the actual cost reductions
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