Employee’s motivation

"How do your employees perceive their current working situation?“


An essential question for each business manager in order to detect needs for action and to intervene wisely.


A good working atmosphere is characterized by external working conditions, the manner of human resources management, the socializing potential for the employees, as well as the general organization and structure.


The performance of employees mainly depends on how they feel and perceive the particular structure and organization. On the one hand this refers to how comfortable each individual feels in his/ her group of employees, colleagues and superiors. On the other hand the performance depends on the individual’s general attitude towards the company, the business goals and his/ her personal participation in achieving these goals. These factors have impacts on the performance and the motivation of the individual employee.


All of these aspects are measurable, assessable and controllable. Our team of consultants is specialized in analyzing and improving the working atmosphere and therefore the productivity of your company.

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