Leadership is trainable

But one has to pay attention to several aspects …


Leading is more than the mere promotion and a new title. At the latest this can be discovered when employees do not behave as they should. Answers like "they are simply not able to" or "they are not willing to" are neither satisfying nor helpful. Whith such an attitude in mind, the leader is most likely to endanger the good working atmosphere and the efficiency of the team. Consequences include a rapidly decreasing performance quality and a disappearance of the employees' motivation.

But there is hope as leadership is learn- and trainable. The key to a successful leadership is to mainly focus on six points: Instruction, information, planning, deciding, motivating and controlling. Implementing these points correctly is the only way a leader can be percieved as such by his employees. Therefore, the goal is to never abandon these duties.


We support leaders in accomplishing their tasks and building up their profile as respectable superiors by offering individual coachings and trainings.

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