Continuous Enhancement (KVP)

With our different analyzing methods we can outline complex contexts and connections in a simple and transparent way. We involve every employee in our KVP-workshops  in order to implement targeted sanctions. By introducing specific indexes we can help you quantify your success, control and decide new measures for your company in the future.


The applied methods and tools  are individually developed to be custom-fit for your company, each problem and situation. The following list summarizes some of our successfully implemented methods and tools:


  • Plan of action
  • Index portfolio
  • Suggestion portfolio (proposal scheme, map for ideas)
  • Interface analysis
  • Problem-Analysis-Solution (PAL)
  • Creativity techniques
  • Process mapping
  • Analysis of work proceeding
  • Desciption of work proceeding
  • PDCA-cycle (Deming cycle)
  • 5S-method
  • Q7 – Seven quality instruments by Ishikawa
  • Identification and elimination of seven ways of wastage (Muda)
  • And many more
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