Expertise and impact

We develop new solutions for the whole range of potentials for improvement in organizations, personnel development and management. Customers are organizations and companies of different legal structures, sizes and industries that we have counseled for many years.


Learn more about our expertise and impact in the following profiles of our consulting companies.


KonKoMa Solutions

When people work together and pursue a joint goal, it is the combination of several expert areas that leads them to success: psychology, economic and natural science and linguistics.


This wide range is being covered by our in-house institute and the associated Academy for Leadership and Advanced Training KonKoMa Solutions.


KonKoMa Solutions researches topics that will be essential for sucessful business practice in the future by using scientific methods. Our consultants always guarantee to be up-to-date regarding scientific findings. However they assure to also convert these findings into valuable and reliable knowledge that you can benefit from in daily practice. Therefore KonKoMa Solutions offers seminars, trainings, workshops and tools that are custom-fit to the necessities of their customers and up-to-date in terms of scientific and practical knowledge.



Our team of mere experts ensures profound and novel knowledge in terms of international trades as well as  concept processing and handling special, custom-fit solutions.


On doing so we access our Institute KonKoMa Solutions and thereby ensure a real-time and ideal implementation.


Our specialists in China and Europe guarantee quick and smooth communication lines as well as the organization and supervision of visits at the manufacturer in China.


Boss & Maas
Boss & Maas offers a strategic and analytical approach for companies and supports them in acquiring and maintaining customer relations as well as in expanding their customer base.


There are still a lot of companies which dispose of plenty of customer information but do not have the capacities for satisfying their customers' needs. Or they have large and expensive marketing sanctions but do not have the equivalent data basis. Therefore a specific analysis is essential in order to differentiate the customer groups and to provide a direct regulation of the sales and marketing department.

Further topics of our consulting service:

  • Marketing and communication
  • Human Resources Management
  • Business start-ups
  • Management of production and development

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